Having a washing machine and a dryer at home can be a good idea. You just put all your dirty clothes in a load whenever you have time on the hands. The dryer, on the other hand, gives you the convenience to get your clothes dried and ready to be ironed on the go.

As easy as it sounds, the truth is washing your clothes at home can be (at times) really frustrating as it may consume an entire day and is certainly not always the best idea, especially in today’s world when you have more convenient options available on your desk.

A reliable laundry service makes “Wash Day” an event of the past. You just need to toss all the dirty laundry in a bag, place the laundry order online, and the laundry service will collect the bag from your home. You will get the clothes back neatly folded, meaning you can do dozens of other productive things in the extra time.

However, not all laundry service Dubai are efficient and reliable. If you are looking for the best service, consider the following 5 factors.

1.Professional Equipment:

Not all laundry services have professional and quality equipment. When picking a laundry service, you must visit their facility for once and check for yourself if they have certified equipment for prominent services like ironing, steaming, dry cleaning, mending, pressing and folding clothes.

2.Same Day Delivery:

If you have subscribed to a laundry service to wash your clothes on a daily basis, there are fair chances that you’ll get the clothes back on the very next day. However, there might be days when you’d want your clothes to be washed and delivered right away. At, WhiteSpot Laundry, we offer same-day dry cleaning options so you don’t have to worry if your suit is not ready for the meeting tomorrow.

 3.Wool Mark Certified:

If you have clothes with the wool mark label on it, you must ask your laundry service if they have wool mark certification. It is a special certification that is given to laundry services that use procedures and detergents prescribed by wool mark.

4.Loss or Damage Policy:

Every laundry service tries its best to make sure that none of your pieces gets damaged or misplaced but the margin of human error is always there. Losing a sock might not sound that much of a big deal but the laundry service must ensure that you get a new sock or compensation in any other form. Similarly, if you get the clothes back removed from all stain, the laundromat must ensure that your complaint listens and the staff involved is held accountable.

5.Uniform Laundry:

Though uniforms can be safely washed at in regular washing machine, uniforms are vulnerable to damage as they used and washed every often. Uniforms need extra care. At, the white spot laundry shop we take special care of uniforms and carefully wash and iron them so that you always look good in that uniform and don’t have to replace it for years to come.

Looking for a Reliable Laundromat in Dubai?

Don’t worry we have got you covered. We provide reliable laundry service and have wool mark certified machinery and equipment. If you are looking for a laundry partner, give us a call, or place your order online here.

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