Laundry crises? Here’s all you need in dubai

Dubai, the city is known for its fast and dynamic lifestyle. Anyone who is living here knows about  the demanding fast paced life that is lived here. In the midst of all this competitive environment it is a stringent task to take out enough time to properly take care of our laundry. The strong need to spend the little time taken out with loved ones is understandable.However we also know how important it is to take care of our clothes after all they represent us in our offices and daily life.


Why use laundry services in the first place?

Wearing clean clothes is not the only thing that we need to worry about. It’s just the first step. Maintaining the grace colour and fresh look is also important after all they just help prolong the durability of our clothes and help us keep our favourites ready to be worn again.

If you’re also someone who is caught up in the busy stream of dubai a  laundry basket and a number to the laundry service in dubai.

Then it doesn’t matter if it’s cotton, woolen, silk or any other special garments they are all taken care of.


Why a laundry basket?

We get that you don’t have the time to sort out your clothes and need to just quickly get done with it. Surprisingly a major concern is the mess of clothes to be sorted out based on fabric and colour, well that no longer is a worry all you need to do is put all your clothes in the laundry basket and wait for the team to pick them up and leave the rest of the hassle to them.


The perfect solution to your problem!

White spot laundry has you completely covered in this department.With a 7 day service all you need to do is head over to our website. Choose a service that you want, based on the type of your need, whether it’s simple dry cleaning and ironing or for special clothes, and book a pick up.  The rest is all taken care of at white spot laundry. You don’t have to worry about stains, detergents, softeners, fragrances or any other thing because our team of experts handle every fabric and know exactly what each garment requires. Special individual attention is given to every product. Even wool !


So all you need to do is pick up your clothes and throw them in a laundry basket and book an appointment The rest is all upto white spot laundry to wash, dry clean, iron and get them back to you all folded and ready to be worn for your next day out.



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