Special Garment Dry Cleaning

Do you have expensive delicate specialist garments? Don’t worry we can look after these. We at White Spot Laundry promise you that your exquisite clothes will be treated with best dry-cleaning practices and particular care. With our experienced team of professionals, we assure you that your clothes will be in the hands of skilful men.

Some natural fabrics like silk or wool need to dry cleaned because they have the tendency of shrinking or losing colour after getting washed in water. Dry cleaning is proved as an effective process for removing oily stains from synthetic fibres like polyester that cannot be removed when washed in water. Dry cleaning is beneficial for maintaining the garment’s texture, that is why your garments will always look new and fresh after dry cleaning!

We at White Spot Laundry Dubai have a deep understanding of precautions required for handling delicate garments such as gowns, dresses, suits, coats and other items that have embellishments or special detailing on them. Our professional dry-cleaning services are also suitable for special garment laundry such as leather, suede and furs.

Our cleaning methods are adopted while keeping in mind the properties of each type of fabric. White Spot Laundry not only aspires to deliver the best dry cleaning and laundry service in Dubai, but we also care about our customers and their convenience. We at White Spot Laundry have the expertise required for cleaning special garments using the latest cleaning technologies with pick and drop service.

Your clothing plays an important part in defining your personality, dry-cleaning can help you in protecting your precious garments for special occasions. When your dress is on point you will automatically feel good and confident about yourself.

White Spot Laundry is the most trusted name for offering cleaning and laundry service in Dubai because we understand that each fabric needs to be treated differently. We strictly use an undissolved solvent in our dry-cleaning process: the solvents involved in this process are mostly chlorine-based like PERC, Stoddard solvent, which is petroleum-based, or supercritical carbon dioxide. The above-mentioned solvents are effective cleaners for many stains such as grease, oil marks etc.

You can easily book a pick up time with us and that’s it. You can sit back and relax while we take care of your special garments.

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