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If you have ever ironed your clothes yourself, then you can understand the struggle of properly ironing clothes. It is a time taking and exhausting process. Perfectly removing the creases from your clothes is a great deal. To save you from the tiresome task of ironing clothes, here at White Spot Laundry our objective is to provide high-quality wash and iron service.

To produce flawlessly ironed clothes, we ensure that the ironing equipment involved in the process are all smooth. We make use of both stream iron and full-length ironing boards for best results on all sorts of clothes. Ironing plays a vital role in the overall presentation of your clothes, and we have a deep understanding of benefits and importance of ironing that is why we make sure that your clothes are thoroughly ironed using the best ironing equipment.

Our ironing services Dubai are supervised by professionals that is why we guarantee you high-quality ironing services. You no longer have to worry about impossible creases on your clothes because we can work through challenging creases that you are unable to fix. We can add a sleek finish to your clothes. Be it a trouser or business shirt, we deal with every kind of cloth.

Customer satisfaction is one thing that we will never compromise on, so if you have any special instructions, we will try to accommodate you. You can receive our professional specialist wash and iron service on an everyday basis.

We have a team of experienced individuals who have the exact skills required for ironing and washing clothes. Our highly trained and experienced staff are experts in washing different kinds of garments, they have the complete knowledge of methods, formulas and cleaning agents suitable for washing a garment without affecting the garments’ quality. To make sure that your clothes are handled carefully gradual steps of quality assurance are strictly followed at White Spot Laundry Dubai

Every garment is tagged so that your clothes will not get mixed, pockets are checked, and white garments are washed separately from coloured items. Similarly, the dark and delicate garments will be washed separately using the right water temperature, detergent, bleach and fabric softener.

With White Spot Laundry service, you can sit back and relax while we take care of your clothes’ washing and ironing process. Our laundry services are convenient for all as we offer a pickup and delivery service. We offer reliable and convenient laundry services Dubai.

We offer quality wash and iron service in Barsha, Sport, Motor City, and Surrounding Areas

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