Woolmark Certified Garment Care

Wool is a natural intricate fibre essential for winters because it holds moisture-wicking power and provides tremendous warmth. We understand the importance of wool in our everyday lives as it provides the ultimate comfort in cold climate. Wool has the ability of trapping warm air inside the reason why it feels warm even when it is wet.
White Spot Laundry services can help you in thoroughly cleaning your sweaters before storing them, because of wool’s eminent properties you must keep your woollies clean from moths, carpet beetles, and silverfish who feed off sweat and stains from sweaters. At White Spot Laundry our aim is to offer you Woolmark Certified care for your beautiful delicate woollies.
We at White Spot Laundry take care of each garment after determining the fabric type and its properties to provide you the best quality laundry services. Our skilled professionals will make sure that your garment is given the care that it requires.
Wool needs to be taken care of differently than other fabrics. We are aware of the precautions required for cleaning wool. It requires less washing as compared to other fabrics, the water needs to be lukewarm and the detergents used for wool are mild that do not contain bleach. We strictly use steam for pressing wool. To avoid colour bleeding, we always separate the clothes according to its colour. Our priority is customer satisfaction that is why we follow each step carefully to deliver you the best laundry services in Dubai

As soon as winters arrive, everybody gears up to get their sweaters out of the storage. White Spot Laundry dubai can be of service to you for keeping your woollies as fresh as the day they were shorn. With our woolmark certified garment care you no longer have to worry about compromising on your comfort and every day trendy wear.

Our quality dry-cleaning services will keep your woollen clothe in excellent condition by using appropriate cleaning solutions. What sets White Spot Laundry apart is its convenient service, you only have to schedule a pickup time, and that’s it. Sit back and relax while we take care of your garments.

We are the Wool mark Certified to take care of your beautiful delicate woollies.

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